The Benefits of Exercise Ball Ab Workout


Exercise balls are considered to be great for abdominal exercises. When exercise ball ab workout is performed, the body works upon stabilizing itself and get an increased motion rate which is best for a perfect workout session.

exercise ball ab workoutThe benefit associated with this type of exercise is that the core strength remains engaged while the abdominal exercises are done. In addition to this, exercise balls are also quite affordable along with making the entire exercising session fun.
Buying an exercise ball for ab workout requires careful consideration. You need to buy a ball which comes up to your knees and on which you can sit comfortably with your feet placed flat on the floor. If you do not buy the right ball, you might get yourself hurt or will not attain the desired results.

Types of exercise ball ab workout

There have been made tremendous developments in the health and fitness aspects and many exercises and workouts has been formulated that works upon muscles and abs. exercise ball ab workout is the workout program recommended by most experts and trainers as they offer various benefits. Below mentioned are some common ab workouts with an exercise ball:

Provide Support to Lower Back

Exercise balls can be used to do basic regular crunches which provide support to your lower back. You have to relax on the ball and place your hands behind your neck. Now simply bend forward and lean back like other ab crunches. Include 10 or more such movements in a set and perform each set at least 5-6 times. Although, you might take some time to maintain the correct hanging balance in this workout however, the results are quite satisfactory.

Knee High Ball Workout

This exercise ball ab workout aims in maintaining strong arms. In this exercise, the ball should be up to your knees. Get on your arms and knees with the ball behind you. Get into a push up position and place your legs on the ball while your body remaining in line. Maintain this body posture for as long as possible then lower one leg after another slowly. This ab workout will help in getting a strong core.

Use Exercise Balls with Chairs

This ab workout is performed with a ball and a chair. Get a small exercise ball and lie down on the floor with a chair facing you and your legs placed on the chair slightly apart. Place the ball in the groin area and roll till it reaches your knees and then roll the ball back down. This workout should be done very slowly as you can get your abdominal muscles injured if performed in a high intensity manner. You should always breathe in and out slowly during the workout session.

Benefits of Exercise Ball Ab Workout

Making the exercise ball as equipment for abs workout is a great idea and delivers the following benefits:

⦁ Affordable: The exercise balls are quite inexpensive which makes this workout very affordable. You can select from a vast range of balls available which fits your workout requirements.

⦁ Light weighted: The best thing about the exercise ball is that it is very light weighted. You can take it anywhere easily which means every place can now become your workout gym.

⦁ Low maintenance and durable: No matter how heavy you are, the exercise balls can still carry you on. The material of which the ball is made is durable and of goof quality so that it does not break easily.

exercise ball ab workout

Exercise ball ab workout is an excellent and fun way to do workouts and maintain your health and fitness level. This way is worthy and provides desired results easily and with less effort and investment.


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