Cardio Workout for Women Which Aids In Weight Loss


Cardio exercises are great for losing weight as it includes a healthy way of lifestyle where there are plenty of physical exercises and activities. Cardio workout for women has been designed to work upon the different aspects of human body as they have a direct impact on the heartbeat of a person. When your heartbeat goes up, you will burn a good amount of calories. There are many combinations for a cardio workout and they can be executed in different combinations as well.

Types of Cardio Workouts:

Cardio workout for women can be categorized as low intensity cardio workout and high intensity cardio workout.

Low Intensity Cardio Workout

This type of workout is very common and most personal trainers recommend this type of cardio workout. This type of workout targets body fat since it uses fat calories rather than burning muscle carbohydrate calories as its source of energy. Eventually when fat is used for energy purposes, your body will lose fat. It is important that you use cardio machines which track your heart beat rate. In this way, you will be able to monitor the ideal intensity level during your cardio workout.

High Intensity Cardio Workout

This form is less utilized in cardio workout for women because it involves pushing past the pain threshold. However, if this workout is performed correctly, it can burn body fast quite effectively. The amount of calories burnt in this type of cardio workout is greater as comparedto low intensity cardio workout. When calories are burnt more in a cardio workout than calorie intake, you create a calorie deficit and hence lose weight.

Cardio Workout for Women

Combining the Two Approaches:

It is possible to combine both the approaches and they can benefit as well if performed in the right way. You can make the first ten minutes of the cardio workout to be of low intensity exercises. This will burn the body fat and will maintain your heart beat to the accurate level. However, these 10 minutes are unproductive as your body will warm in this time period. Carrying out high intensity workout for longer periods can be difficult as it requires a great deal of effort.

Best Cardio Workout for Women:

There are many cardio workouts that are effective for women and some of them are mentioned as follows:

Cardio workout for women1. Bicycling:

When you are looking for cardio workouts, bicycling serves to be the best option. This workout is very versatile and can be done either indoors or outdoors. It will increase your metabolism rate which aids in weight loss.

2. Aerobicscardio workout for women:

Aerobics are excellent cardio workout for women.
This cardio workout is very flexible and you can select less intensive and high intensive workouts. The workout will help tone your body including hips, legs and bum.

Cardio Workout for Women3.Jumping  Rope:

This is a classic home cardio workout. Simply jumping on a rope for 5 minutes will result in tremendous burning of body fat. This workout also works upon your legs, shoulders, arms as well as on  abs.

4. Punching Bag:cardio workout for women

Punching bag is an excellent cardio  workout for women.
When you punch a bag with full strength, it will affect all parts of your body. This workout is very beneficial for having flat abs.

cardio workout for women5. Running:

Running is the best cardio exercise and the effort is worth it. The workout impacts the heart, mind and muscles along with helping in losing weight.

6.Kettlebell Swings:cardio workout for women

This is a complete body castigating workout and is an excellent cardio workout for women. This workout is a total body workout as you need to generate the required force to swing the bell back and forth.


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