Weight Gain Foods – A Healthier Way to Gain Weight


A general concept present these days is how to lose weight but, what happens if there are some people who are willing to gain weight? There are many people in the world who are naturally slim and small and feel themselves to get bullied by others.

There are various weight gain foods which help in increasing your weight and is also considered to be the healthy way of gaining weight. A true fact is that sugary and fried foods will allow you to gain weight however; your body will suffers from lack of nutrients and will face the consequences of poor diet.

It has been recommended by nutritionists that in order to gain weight in a healthy manner eating whole and natural foods are important along with keeping track of your calorie intake.
According to nutritionists, the first aim in the objective of gaining weight should be to increase your appetite which includes eating more than usual.

However, this should be done in a day after day format so as to avoid the consequences of over eating. Increase your diet gradually. Below mentioned are weight gain foods which will help you attain your goal:

Red Lean Meat

weight gain foodsFor those who are looking for food to gain weight, red lean meat is the best option available. Steak is the best part and includes tons of iron and protein however, not all steak cuts offer the same nutrition level. You can look for fatty cuts where the red meat is marbled as these areas contain more calories. In addition to this, red meat is also high in cholesterol so it is not usually included in a healthy diet by professionals.

Whole Fat Milk

weight gain foodsWhen looking for weight gain foods, swapping your skimmed milk with whole fat milk is a simple yet excellent substitution. Milk is considered to be a great source of obtaining carbohydrates and protein in addition to various other nutrients that are helpful in gaining weight. Drinking a glass of whole milk twice a day will increase 60 calories and you will also consume fat. When the fat is present in milk, it means there are nutrients and vitamins present in your glass of milk. Drinking whole milk will increase your vitamin A and D level as well. You can use whole milk in various food items like cereals, oatmeal, sauces or simply drinking a glass of milk. For those who like to have milk in their coffee, they can add in cream as well.

Tropical Fruits

weight gain foodsA common phrase is that an apple a day keeps the doctor away however, eating tropical fruits will help you put on that extra weight you want. Fruits like papaya, mangoes, pineapples and bananas are excellent food to gain weight. The reason behind this is that these fruits are full of natural sugars and will provide energy all day long. Adding in at least two servings of food in your diet will help you gain weight however, if you cannot eat fruits and vegetables in the required quantity every day, you can blend them to make a delicious smoothie.

Whole Wheat Bread

weight gain foodsEating healthy bread products are an excellent way of gaining weight, according to experts. If you like to add in bread in your diet, try adding whole wheat bread. Although, most of us have grown up eating white bread, however, it is not the best option for maintaining a good health. Since white bread is made up of refined wheat, the nutrients are striped out. If you include whole grain varieties in your diet, you will be adding in minerals and fibers which will not only help you stay full for a longer time but, will also provide constant energy.

Vegetable Oils

weight gain foodsOils are very important in cooking food as well as for dressing in salads. Sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil and coconut oil are heart-healthy calories and flavor when they are consumed in moderate quantities. Many vegetable oils also include concentrated flavors which add in to the way of gaining weight in a healthy way.


weight gain foodsNuts are very helpful in gaining weight as they are full of nutrients and fats along with adding in a good amount of fiber. If you eat a handful of nuts, you will feel full for a longer time period. Almonds are excellent for gaining weight however macadamia are rich in fat. On the other hand, mixed nuts are an excellent choice as you will be gaining nutritional benefit from various snacks. You can add nuts in your breakfast, oatmeal, salads and other foods and attain your goal of weight gain.


weight gain foodsFood to gain weight includes cheese to be a very important element. Cheese can be added in simply any food and it has an excellent nutritional value of milk benefits. Since cheeses are high in fat, they are an excellent source of gaining weight. Cheese is available in various varieties and they are high in protein as well.

There are several other foods that will help you to gain weight. It is extremely vital that you eat healthy foods and live an overall healthy lifestyle.


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